Time On My Hands

Four Foxes, One Hound

Could I… Would I… Travel in Time?

By Jeff Salter

Though I was not the one who suggested this topic, I’m pleased to see it crop up right now because I’m within a few weeks – I hope – of the release of my newest title… and it deals with TIME TRAVEL.

My characters aren’t even aware of where / when they’re heading, so they have no choice in the matter. The hero (Hunter Weston) didn’t even know he would be traveling in time. The heroine (Rose Roamer) realizes she will have to travel in time if she is to be with Hunter, (with whom she has fallen in love over the course of the story).

But enough of my fictional title. Let’s get down to cases. Our topic: If I could travel to any time period for research purposes or for sheer enjoyment, where/when would I visit?

As often…

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