Make A Scene – The TADA Method by Gabriela Pereira

Good advice to help your readers have a more enjoyable experience in your stories.

Writing and Illustrating

MAKE A SCENE By Gabriela Pereira

You’ve probably heard the writing class cliché “show, don’t tell,” but rarely does anyone explain how to do it. Telling is when you skim the surface and summarize what is happening in your story. It’s great for transitions or to convey information quickly, but it doesn’t allow the reader to sink into the scene and feel like they’re there with the characters.

Showing is what brings a scene to life. When you do it well, your reader will feel like they’re side by side with your characters, experiencing your story as it unfolds. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you should always show and never tell. If you describe each and every detail of a scene, you risk boring your readers to tears. In children’s books it’s especially important to find a balance between show and tell because you have very tight word…

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