A Tribute

00000Heavenrejoice poem

I am by no means a poet, but today the man whose teaching I sat under, learning God’s Word, at Pensacola Bible Institute, went home to be with our Lord. I felt compelled to write this. Thank you, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, Sr. for all you taught me.


Earth has lost a precious gift,

A man who stood for truth.

Heaven itself rejoiced today,

As this blessed saint came home.

A man who travelled far and near,

To tell others how to be saved.

But now, he’s at the Savior’s side,

Never more to roam.

Yes, Earth has lost a man today,

And those of us who knew him

Will sorrow for the empty place

He leaves in loved ones’ hearts.

We’ll pray for them, we’ll cry with them,

We’ll comfort them with words,

Then one day, and I pray it be soon,

We’ll all with joy depart.

The trump will sound, the clouds will move,

A voice Beloved will call.

We’ll drop our earthly mantel,

Our feet will leave the ground.

Oh what a sight that day will be,

When the longed for rapture comes,

We’ll learn to fly, but not with wings,

Our destination—heaven bound.

As we step onto Heaven’s shore,

 Having left our sorrow behind,

We’ll greet the saints who have gone before,

The ones from Earth’s bondage set free.

There’ll be no more tears, sorrow or pain

That all have had on earth.

Forever together, singing praises to our Lord.

Praise God! We’ll live eternally.