What is Becoming of Our Government?


It seems to me that our government is getting out of focus.

For example, who is running the country at the moment? No, I’m not talking about the news medial. Not this time. I’m talking about our President on the campaign trail for Clinton in Ohio. The Vice President is in Nevada for the same reason. WHO IS RUNNING THE COUNTRY?

It’s one thing to support or back a candidate that the President, or Vice President, thinks would do a good job. It’s quite another to leave your post and go off on a campaign to assure that person is elected. I believe it should be against the law for any government official to campaign actively for a candidate. Especially when it’s on our dollar. Are these people not supposed to represent ALL the people, not just a select group? This to me is a misuse of government funds. We are paying these people to do their job running this country from Washington, not run their mouths about the candidate they want to take over for them.

In Florida, when Senator Rubio decided to campaign for the presidency, he had to resign his post as a Florida Senator. Yes, I know, that’s Florida. I think it’s a great policy. How could he do his job as a Senator of Florida, representing the people of Florida, while running around on a campaign trail? Why is it okay for Governor Pence from Indiana to do so? Who’s working for the people of Indiana in his office while he’s off campaigning?

Another point of contention is this. Why was former President Clinton the person chosen to go with President Obama on Air Force One to the funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres in Israel? Why not another former President NOT connected with the current presidential campaign? Another misuse of public funds if you ask me, and another promotion of the Clinton clan in the campaign for the presidency.


The opinion of a tax-paying citizen of the United States of America who is in tears over the state of union.