This morning, and for the past couple of days I have found myself outraged by the information found on USA Today regarding the decision to not allow an increase to the Social Security Benefit for Seniors who have put their hard earned money into this system their entire working lives. Check it out for yourself. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2015/10/15/government-no-benefit-rise-social-security-next-year/73976990/

Consider all the money that is being doled out to people who have contributed nothing to this society, who have put NO money into the system. Think about those who are in perhaps the 10% of this country’s population who could care less if there is an increase because they make enough money to not only support themselves but probably all of their distant relatives and friends. I am outraged!

Who do these Ivy League Bean Counters think they are?

EVERYONE, regardless of age (because eventually you younger people will be in our shoes), better sit up and take notice. We have people making decisions about the quality of our lives who have hardly begun to make a life for themselves. They are not thinking about their own futures, much less ours. Yes, they think their futures will be all rosy, and that they will make their fortune. They do not realize that there will be a very small percent of them actually making enough money to not count on that Social Security Benefit when they reach retirement age. I am outraged!

There are people in this country who are struggling to make ends meet. There are people who have to make a decision on whether they can buy food or spend what little money they have to pay for medications that will keep them alive. There are people trying to hold their family together, and feed and clothe and house them, while bureaucrats are taking our hard earned money and handing it over to people who have never earned a dime in this country, and to people who are living high on the hog under the guise of their jobs in government. I am outraged!

Where has all the money gone paid into the system by countless people who have died before they were ever able to collect the money they put in all their working lives. Where did that money go? Not for burial, that’s for sure. $250 is given to the family for burial. REALLY? Where is the money, Washington? Where is the money the rest of us have paid in all our working lives? Who is getting it? And now you want to take even more of the money? I am outraged!

The cost of living, they say, has not increased. REALLY? Any one of us can tell you that’s a lie. We go to the stores; we shop; we pay bills; we buy medications; we visit the doctors’ offices. Who are they trying to kid? I am outraged!

Why do the politicians not go without a pay raise? I am outraged!

I would ask that every one of you who read this blog, please pass it on wherever you think it should be read by whomever you think should read it. My feeling is that everyone should be reading it. Don’t think for a minute, you younger people, that you will not be effected by this. Someday, you will be a senior. You will collect Social Security, if it’s still there and they have not stolen all the money beforehand. Although I hope that all of you do accomplish successful lives for yourselves, things may not go the way you plan. Events in your life may change, and not turn out for the best. None of us can control the future. Please, pass this on to everyone, make it public; send it to whomever you think will benefit or can do something about this outrage and violation of the public trust. Don’t sit there and do nothing. This is an outrage!