Good enough to publish?

I totally agree, Eric. I have readers looking forward to my next book after reading the first three. Had I not self-published they would not have been able to read the first three stories I wrote. It is simple arrogance that causes someone to make a statement like the one you quoted.

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I recently read a rather unpleasant comment to a blog post about self-publishing. The gist of the comment was if a publisher will not publish your work then it is not good enough to publish so don’t. Apart from the tone was very rude and condescending I thought the post showed his ignorance about how publishing worked.

I’m sure we have all read the articles about how great authors had numerous rejections, some being told to give up writing. The truth of the matter is, like the rest of us a publisher is human with their own prejudices and preferences then are not the arbiter of what is good or worthy they are simply looking for commercial. Even then they are taking an educated guess on what will sell. I don’t like romance novels as a rule however there is no denying their popularity. Even the author of 50 shades…

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BROOK SONGS a poem by Bette A. Stevens

This is a beautiful poem, taking you right along for the walk.

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

BROOK SONGS poem by basInspired by nature, I love to walk to down the brook. It’s only a quarter-mile from “The Farmstead” here in Central Maine and no matter the weather or season, the sights and sounds of the water and the abundance of nature’s bounty always manage to refresh my soul and often inspire the writer child within me. The photo for the poem Brook Songs was taken last fall. As the autumn season nears a new dawning, I put pen to paper for a draft before designing the poem on the computer. ~ Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator

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Honoring those who died


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really tired of seeing the actual pictures of what happened on this day.  My belief is that the only one being exulted by those pictures is the enemy.

No, we should never forget.  We should remember what they did to innocent lives that day.  But…like those who died at Pearl Harbor and all other attacks on our people and our country, respect for those who lost loved ones on that day should be the priority.

There are so many who do not want to see the horrific pictures of the attack to remind them of the pain and anguish they suffered that day.  Why cannot pictures like the one above replace those to show respect for those who are still hurting.

Just my opinion.  However, I will not post any pictures of the horrible acts performed on that day by people who want attention for their terrible deeds.