Being an Only Child


I’m an only child. Do you think that the reason I never have a problem coming up with something to write about could be because I am an only child? It could be. I had to make up my own games and stories as a child, not having any siblings to help entertain me.

Through my many years, I have noticed that people like me, single child of working parents, have very good imaginations. I’m not saying that the rest of you don’t, but I’m beginning to think that maybe we have the edge over you. Perhaps that explains why I don’t have writers’ block like most of my fellow writers experience from time to time.

While talking to someone about the fact that we were both only children, the comment was made to me, “No wonder you’re a good writer.” It made me start thinking.

For most of my life, if not all of it thus far, I have wished that my parents had gone ahead and adopted the little girl they were planning to adopt, until they found out I was on the way. I’ve always wanted a sister or brother. I’ve always longed for the kind of relationship others have with their sisters and brothers.

Now I see that I was given something else. I was given the ability to entertain myself, and in doing that, I have been able to put down on paper some of the scenarios I’ve brought to mind from a habit of doing so.

Still, I would have loved to have a brother or sister. But, I will thank God that He has given me such an active imagination in exchange.