Random Sacks of Kindness

Check out my friend and fellow-author, Jeff Salter’s first Christmas novel.

Four Foxes, One Hound

Announcing My Very First Christmas Novel

By Jeff Salter

First of all… Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours are happy, healthy, and among family and/or friends on this special American holiday.

Among the MANY, MANY things I have to be thankful for are the upcoming release (Dec. 13) of my very first Christmas novel. Random Sacks of Kindness is actually my 20th completed fiction title (including four novellas), and will become my 18th title to be published. I’ve always tried to market my published titles as Christmas approaches each year… but never had any titles which were set at that time of year. I’ve seen bocoodles of Christmas stories – both on TV and in book form – and often wondered if I’d ever find the time / inspiration to write my own novel with that holiday’s theme.

Well, I did! I wrote about half of this…

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2 thoughts on “Random Sacks of Kindness

  1. Thanks for helping me promote my newest title… and my very first Christmas novel.
    I’m not accustomed to this business with the “pre-order” period of nearly three weeks (before actual release on Dec. 13)… but it’s teetering my equilibrium.
    All the support of my friends helps me a lot.

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