So…what does Donald Trump have that no other candidate for the Presidency has?  Money…Nope!  Media coverage…Nope!  A famous name…Nope!  Criticism of the other candidates…Nope!  Criticism of the way our government is handling things…Nope!  I give!

Yes I know that he doesn’t back down from what he presents as his convictions; he doesn’t waver.  He takes a stand.  But what has he really said?  He wants to make this country great again; that’s his motto.  What ideas has he offered except that he’s a builder.  Did I miss something?

He has said a lot of things about what is wrong with this country, primarily about the illegal immigration problem…which indeed is a BIG problem.  He has made a lot of people angry.  He seems to be getting quite a following.  The statistics are high in his favor from what I last heard on the news.  The news media is giving him all the coverage he could possibly want because of the stir he is making.  The news media knows a good show stopper when they see it.

BUT…what is he going to do for our country that the other candidates will not?  What promises has he made that the others have not refuted?  Because he has enough of his own money to promote himself without anyone else’s help, does that make him a good candidate for President?  Do you really think he won’t have some “favors” to grant like any of the rest of them?  Because he knows what angers most of the citizens in this country and has spoken about what’s wrong with our government, does that make him a good candidate?

Yes, I’ve read what’s on his website: www.donaldjtrump.com  Did I miss how he’s planning to do all these things.  Yes, he did state how to build the wall across our border and pay for it, but it seems to me that he’s going to punish those that are trying to come into this country LEGALLY, instead of the ones who sneak in.

Personally, I’d like to hear him say how he’s planning on correcting the flaws in our government without punishing people who are trying to do what is right.  I’d like to hear him say how he’s going to make this country better without causing more hardship on the citizens.  And I’d really like to hear him say that he would bring our troops home from other countries who need to protect their own lands (using their own people and their own expensive equipment and finances), and change the law that states our troops cannot be deployed at our own borders to defend our country (Posse Comitatus Act).  We help everyone else…isn’t it time we help us?

I wonder…

I’m not taking sides here, really I’m not.  I’m not against Donald Trump.  I’m trying to find out what all of you think about this…I mean really think…as in really thinking about all of it.  I’m not going to rely on the news media to tell me the truth and brain wash me into believing what they want me to believe.  I would rather go to the people and hear your thoughts…pro or con.  I’m interested.


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