Where are our troops?


Did our troops get brought home and we were never told about it?

Suddenly we have no word coming from the media about how our troops are doing?  Have they all come home?  Have they been captured?  Are they dug in somewhere and unable to get word out?

If nothing is happening, why aren’t they coming home?  If they are fighting, what about giving us some reports.  Have they been kidnapped by aliens?  Have they been forgotten over there?

Oh, I know, the news media is too busy to give reports about those who are defending our way of life, dying on foreign soil, enduring hardship so that we can relax and sit around having our coffee, watching the news media present a selection of drama queens and kings who want to further run our government into the ground and possibly make way for our enemies to come in and take over.

Is this truly what American’s want to see on the “news?”  It would seem to me that the news media no longer give us any “News.”  They simply entertain us with what they think or decide we want to see.  Really?  A stroller that costs over $1,000 is stolen.  Did we really need to hear about that?

Again, I ask, where are our troops?  I for one want to know what’s happening to them!  I do not want to hear every single word that passes out of a politician’s mouth.  Give us some facts, GIVE US SOME NEWS!


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