Independence Day 2015?


Yesterday, one of my friends on Facebook posted what was supposed to be a humorous post.  It was a message “to the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”  It said, “In light of your failure in recent years to nominate competent candidates for President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately.”

I laughed and made the comment, “If only!”  For the rest of the day I pondered that idea.  I think, if she actually could have made those statements, she would have been right.  Not that she could revoke anything at this point, but would we have been so bad off if we had remained part of the UK?  From what I hear, they are not in any better condition than the U.S.  God help us all.

John Hancock, one of the most famous of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, was said to have signed his name in such a large hand so that King George could see it without his spectacles.  Sometimes I wonder if that’s the only way anyone in government ever sees anything, if it’s large and put right in their face.  Sometimes I wonder if they even see it then.

People need to read about what led up to our country declaring independence from England.  I have.  I see a lot of what was happening back then regarding how England was treating the colonies actually happening now…from our own government.

The result of many grievances by the colonies back in the years leading up to Independence Day here in America, provided freedom to these lands from the bully they deemed England had become.  Now I wonder about the government we have today.  I see them as being a bully.  It would seem that the American people no longer have any voice in the decisions that are being made for us.

What happened to the vote?  An election is held, but do the citizens really decide who gets elected?  An issue, not even a bill mind you, is made into law, but has it been offered to the citizens of this country to deliberate on?  The “courts” decide to change what God clearly set forth as a marriage, a man and woman.  Did they take a vote with the American people on what the majority wanted, even if they totally disregarded Almighty God?  No!  They decided what we should think.

I am appalled at their arrogance, thinking that they can make such serious decisions without my approval.  WE the People, of the United States of America are those who pay your salaries.  You are sitting in our buildings, and that goes for you too, Mr. President (and I hate to even give him that title at this point).  YOU ARE MESSING WITH OUR LIVES.  I RESENT IT.  I am ashamed of what you have made of our country.  I WANT IT BACK!


4 thoughts on “Independence Day 2015?

  1. Thank you, Bette. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I really do want our country back. They’ve stolen it from us…at least they’ve stolen the kind of America this country was always thought to be. I resent it.


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