Trying to be like a famous author

Have you ever read a book and were so distracted by the writing that you could not wait until the story ended? Does it bother you when a writer tries to compare themselves in their writing to a famous author so much that you feel all they have accomplished is to remind you of another author’s story, or multiple stories that a famous author has written?

Sometime back, I picked up a book written by someone who said that they were a lover of a certain author’s writing. This author had wonderful reviews. “That’s great!” I thought, because I love that author too. However, when I read the book, I was totally distracted by phrases and scenarios that were so close to what I had read in all of the other author’s books. The second book by this newer author was a little better, but still the phrases and scenarios kept coming up, distracting me and causing me to picture the other stories. Being someone who is always willing to give another a fair chance, I pressed on.

In the end, I read all the books currently written by this newer author, hoping that she would improve and not have so many references to one of my favorite author’s books. They did improve, a bit, but not enough to induce me to read any more of her writings when they come out.

So…my question is, where do you draw the line in trying to emulate the author you love to read? I for one hope that I never use a scenario close enough to make someone think of another author or book, no matter how much I love to read their works.


How did you become a writer?

As I sat here at my desk, wondering if I wanted to start work on my book or not this morning, I started thinking about all the writers I’ve met and become friends with on my Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter sites.  Questions about each of them came into my mind but the biggest question I have about each one of them is this.  What made you become a writer?  Was it the money you hoped for, because you love to read, because you have all these stories inside you desperately trying to get out, or maybe because you figured you could do it better than anyone who has written a book you’ve read?

Today, I’d love to hear from you writers out there.  I’d love to know what got your fingers going in the first place.  Did you have an inspiration?  Are there other writers in your family?


If only we could make a change in our past…

If you could change only one thing in your life from the past, what would it be?

Personally, I would determine to read the Bible every day and glean as much as I could from it to avoid the mistakes I’ve made.  I know, I know, it’s not possible (probably) to avoid all mistakes in life, but I think I could avoid probably half of the ones I did make, at least I would hope so.

Having been a Christian since I was a young girl, I look back on my life and see so many places where I could have done something different to make my life, as well as the lives of the people involved in my life, better.  There are many regrets in my past.

Today I try to do the best I can to overcome the mistakes I have made in my past.  I pray for forgiveness from those that I’ve hurt because of my mistakes, and I pray for guidance in my future to make others happy instead of always thinking of myself.  No, I did not always think of myself, most of what I did that turned out wrong was done because of love for my children or others.  It was simply done in the wrong way or I had not thought it through thoroughly.  Maybe that was selfish as well, trying to gain the love of others in any way I could; thus thinking of myself.

Are there things in your past that you wish you could change?  Surely, I can’t be alone.  I know I’m not.  Just food for thought today.  Bottom line is, if I had been reading my Bible, as I know I should have been, I would probably have been closer to God and more in-tune with His Guidance long my bumpy road in life.

Perhaps today, some one of you younger people might take this to heart.  Avoid the pitfalls of life; ask for guidance along the way.  None of us are experts on life; take it from someone who has been there for more decades than you have.  Have the best life you can have.   sunrise8

What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday

Do you give God praise on the one day He has asked for you to set aside for Him?  How do you praise Him?  Look up into the sky and thank him for what He has done for you; thank Him for what He has given you; thank Him for what you do not get that we all truly deserve.  man in yellow flower  field under beautiful sky

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;  Romans 3:23

Sunshine or Rain

How does the weather effect your creativity?  Do you get more done when the sun is shining or when the rain pours down on your parade?  I find that I can live with either.  Sitting here by the window next to my desk on a sunny day, I can type away and then look out at the view across the front yard to give my eyes a rest, watch the birds come to my little birdbath in front of the window or hop around in the grass.  When it rains, I can enjoy watching the clouds roll by and see the grass, bushes, trees and my planter getting a good drink of water to help it grow.  Either way, I can take a break from writing or editing and refresh myself.

How do you get refreshed while you are working hard on that story?