Gun Control Plan

This morning I watched a video of a young Combat Veteran who is now a police officer make a statement against Obama’s gun control plan.

If I could, I would stand up and cheer this young man for the courage to stand up in a public room and say what he did.  I applaud him for his bravery on the field of battle, both in serving our country in the military and on the streets here at home to protect the citizens of this country.

We’ve seen what happens when the governments in other countries take away the right to bear arms from its citizens.  Is that what we want for our country?  How many more of our rights are you willing to let the government take away from you?

If our government succeeds in taking away our right to bear arms, how many of you will go out with the police officers in your own town, unarmed, and stand up to criminals and lawbreakers who probably will have weapons?  When the law abiding citizens and their defenders have no more weapons, only the criminals will.

This Plan is a plan for the detriment of the decent citizens of our country.


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