Memorial Day



As we raised the flag early in the morning, Arnie in his Army T and U.S. Army cap, and me in my patriotic shirt, we felt patriotic indeed.  We stepped back and Arnie saluted the flag standing for the country he had served for so many years.  I held my hand over my heart.  We said the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.  I felt like singing a stirring verse of our National Anthem, but refrained. I wish I had not.  I love our country, even with all its problems and even with the horrible path I think it is on.  It saddens me, but I love my country and would die in its defense, if called upon.

As we went through our day, we noted the lack of flags flying.  We noted that a lot of the flags that did fly are faded.  Some are in such bad condition, if it were not for the current design, you would think it had gone through the Civil War, tattered and torn.

We like to call ourselves Patriots.  Really?  What will it take to show the world that we are truly Patriots?  Another 911?  Everyone flew the flag after the attacks on our own soil.

It occurred to me that most of our citizens think a holiday like Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day or Independence Day (yes kids, that’s what we used to call it), is only for getting a day off from work, watching a ball game and getting ready for a party, where they can drink until they act like fools.


Why not fly a well-cared for American flag in front of your house or apartment like you did after 911?  Why not go out and lay some flowers on a true Patriot’s grave, one who gave everything for their country?  Why not go to the Veterans’ Hospital and visit someone who served their country and now is in need of help but won’t get any visitors to say to them, “Thank you for serving and keeping our country free?”

Are you a PATRIOT?  Act like one.  This is your country.




2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

    1. Thank you, Ann. I appreciate your taking the time to read my thoughts and respond. Sometimes it makes me sad that people forget about what these days were set aside to commemorate.


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