Trying to be like a famous author

Have you ever read a book and were so distracted by the writing that you could not wait until the story ended? Does it bother you when a writer tries to compare themselves in their writing to a famous author so much that you feel all they have accomplished is to remind you of another author’s story, or multiple stories that a famous author has written?

Sometime back, I picked up a book written by someone who said that they were a lover of a certain author’s writing. This author had wonderful reviews. “That’s great!” I thought, because I love that author too. However, when I read the book, I was totally distracted by phrases and scenarios that were so close to what I had read in all of the other author’s books. The second book by this newer author was a little better, but still the phrases and scenarios kept coming up, distracting me and causing me to picture the other stories. Being someone who is always willing to give another a fair chance, I pressed on.

In the end, I read all the books currently written by this newer author, hoping that she would improve and not have so many references to one of my favorite author’s books. They did improve, a bit, but not enough to induce me to read any more of her writings when they come out.

So…my question is, where do you draw the line in trying to emulate the author you love to read? I for one hope that I never use a scenario close enough to make someone think of another author or book, no matter how much I love to read their works.


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